• Individual

    Cada mes
    Access to Live Streaming Workshops & On-demand Video Library
  • Corporate Bundle

    Cada mes
    Live Stream Workshop Events & 24/7 On-Demand Video Library
  • Live Stream Only

    Cada mes
    Live Stream Workshop Events Access Only
  • On-Demand Library

    Cada mes
    24/7 On-Demand Library Access Only

Plan will auto-renew, so be sure to make any changes (if applicable) before the end of your billing cycle.

What's included in your membership:

  • Access to a growing, on-demand video library (new videos added on a regular basis)

  • Live, interactive workshops with Shannon (and guests)

  • Be the first to take part in a growing, online support community

  • More to come as we grow together!

Who is this plan for?

  • Individuals (not corporations)

  • Those aging-in-place (living at home)

  • In-home Caregivers/Care Partners to those aging-in-place (living at home)

  • Not for Corporate Level Memberships

NOTE: Although some medical insurance providers may cover prescribed forms of licensed music therapies, this program is currently considered private pay and is not covered by insurance.